Get Paid While You Learn with an Apprenticeship at City Colleges of Chicago

Our “earn-and-learn” programs give you hands-on paid work experience and in-class learning to boost your resume and prepare you for a career in your field. Benefits include:

  • Formal learning, on-the-job training
  • Training and mentorship to develop life skills
  • Develop Proficiency in targeted business and technology areas.
  • Attain industry-recognized skills that lead to an associate degree or an industry credential.
  • Apprentices earn a wage during the employment portion of program
  • Upon successful completion, have the opportunity to convert to full-time employment with the sponsoring company, or marketable to other companies in the same space.
  • Tuition is often covered during most apprenticeships.

New Apprenticeship Program Alert for High School seniors!

Software Development Apprenticeship (SDA) (formerly known as ASEAP-Accelerated Software Engineering Apprenticeship Program)


·  2- year Software Development Apprenticeship

·  Earn an Associate Degree in Software Development with 15-17 software courses

·  Simultaneously perform paid work (20hours/week) with a leading technology company.

·  Employers sponsor tuition

·  Application open now for graduating high school seniors.

Apply today at:

Information sessions:

April 20, 2021 – For CPS Network 17

April 21, 2021 – For CPS Network 15 and 16

April 29,2021 – For CPS Network 14

April 29, 2021 For CPS Counselors Toolkit

Click here for pre-recorded information session