Learn about Apprenticeships and Work-Based Learning Opportunities through City Colleges of Chicago.

Topics covered will include:

► What is an Apprenticeship?

► What are the requirements to be eligible for an Apprenticeship?

► What is a good Apprenticeship for me? How do I prepare?

► Where do I apply for an Apprenticeship?

► What should I expect after I apply?

► Hear about Upcoming Apprenticeship Opportunities


Sessions will be held on the following days and times:

  • 1/28/22@10am
  • 2/24/22@5:30pm
  • 2/25/22@10am
  • 3/24/22@5:30pm
  • 3/25/22@10am


If you have questions, please contact smunoz15@ccc.edu

Link to Sessions: